Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services are cost effective than traditional marketing and create a level playing field for all to attract targeted traffic. Through digital marketing in the form of SEM, SEO, SMM, and PPC, the prospect to sales conversion rates are far higher and creates a better brand engagement with your customers.

SEO Services

Incorporate the latest SEO best practices for today’s dynamic business environment and SEO services.

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Web Development

Create a systematically and meticulously designed website as per your expectations and web development.

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Web Design

Generate higher conversions and improve brand engagement with awesome responsive websites.

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Digital Marketing

An all-in-one digital marketing solutions provider who understands your customers and what they actually want.

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Responsive Website Development

In an ever-changing dynamic business environment, enterprises globally are heavily relying on modern technologies to conduct their day-to-day business. Companies are beefing up their online presence to stay in the race and making efforts with innovative digital marketing strategies to capture a growing and lucrative online marketplace.

Digital marketing services are cost effective than traditional marketing and create a level playing field for all to attract targeted traffic. Through digital marketing in the form of SEM, SEO, SMM, and PPC, the prospect to sales conversion rates are far higher and creates a better brand engagement with your customers.

Overall, the main objective of digital marketing is that it facilitates interaction with your targeted audiences and provides better ROI for your marketing investment. In fact, Digital Marketing tools and techniques help business owners to the best chances to compete, survive, and even achieve exponential business growth.

At Editigalmarketing our SEO services are offered on Pay-Per-Rank Model

— Where you pay only when you rank as we promised.

Pay-for-Performance SEO

Pay-for-Performance SEO

Pay-for-performance SEO Service is the best model for a brand to achieve desired results where both parties are happy. Why would you even pay for SEO service when it is not even working for you? Many traditional SEO service providers do not work this way and businesses feel they are getting fleeced which is true.

At Edigitalmarketing, we use this unique model of Pay-for-performance that lets you see the desired results first and only then you make the payment. We only charge a nominal processing fee upfront and once we achieve the desired search rankings for your keywords will you pay for the results obtained.

Web Design Development

Web Designing

Gone are the days when websites looked dull and boring. Today, it is all about creating an awesome online space and standing out from the crowd to remain competitive. Irrespective of small and large business, a good responsive website will determine your success in this dynamic market.

At Edigitalmarketing not only we create awesome websites but also create an enriching experience for your users once they are on your platform. Our unparalleled expertise in understanding customer thought process has helped us to create websites for businesses that is easier to navigate and help them take desired actions on your website.

Web Application Development

Web Application development

Creating robust website requires crucial if not critical integration of supporting web applications that dovetails nicely with the main website to achieve extraordinary results. Web applications automate many interesting features that your business has to offer and helps your customers the ease of finding the relevant information at the click of a button.

At Edigitalmarketing we realize this tremendous potential of web applications helping your website and provide solutions as per your requirement. We provide custom web applications development that is innovative and one which works on multiple platforms. Our holistic approach starting from requirements gathering till integrating the new web application happens in a systematic manner with structured framework programming and coding that suits your business endeavors.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development (Joomla, Magento, Openkart, Wordpress) Specialization

Today, almost every business irrespective of the industry they belong to are going online to reach a global audience and in that regard, e-commerce has emerged as a key differentiator. An e-commerce platform that is SEO friendly helps a long way in enhancing your relationship with your buyers, vendors, and sellers who are part of your business cycle.

At Edigitalmarketing we are completely aware of the latest e-commerce trends and offer e-commerce development as per your business needs. Our expertise in e-commerce development includes database driven shopping cart system, showcase unlimited product listing, backend admin panel which is easy to configure. We offer our services across Joomla web development, Magento Development, Openkart Services and Wordpress Development Services, CMS Development, Custom Web Application Development, and Mobile Application Development. Overall, our dynamic functionality creates ease of transactions with secure shopping experience for your buyers.

Mobile Application Developemnt

Mobile Application Development

In today’s time, more than 50% of search traffic is coming from handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Hence, if your business website does not have a mobile application then you are losing out on a lot of traffic. Moreover, with Mobile Apps, you can personalize content according to your user needs and send product/service notifications anytime you want. Mobile Applications are the need of the hour and businesses without them will surely see the negative impact soon enough.

At Edigitalmarketing Company we provide high-quality mobile apps in any category. Our expertise across various brands and industries has helped us to hone skills to create next-gen mobile apps. We offer our services in iOS App Development, Android App Development, and Cross-platform App Development and create an enterprise-grade mobile solution that solves business problems, attracts new users, and reinstates your brand reputation.

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