Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1. What nature of businesses do you mostly work with?

We at eDigitalMarketingCompany work with businesses regardless of their nature and their size. We simplify the tasks by connecting each project with the right set of professionals who are both specialized in the nature of business and are experienced. We at EDigitalMarketingCompany view each job with the utmost priority, whether be it working for a small business which is aiming at reaching out to local audiences, or an established brand which is set to launch a new product into the market; our experts can finish the task with their ample experience and passion.

2. Which are some of the key services that eDigitalMarketingCompany has to offer?

eDigitalMarketingCompany is a renowned digital marketing company that has made significant strides in both organic and paid search markets. We have our services ranged and spread across different verticals such as health, logistics, real estate, software, eCommerce, retail, law firms, BPO, Call center and we still plan on expanding them in an attempt to cater to every particular field. We assist businesses to find an audience online so that they reach out to that audience with a powerful message and transform that engagement with their audience into a meaningful relationship to attain long-term benefits. We strongly recommend you to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you grow your brand online.

3. Do you have a structured pricing model?

Each project we work on is specific to the business we are working with. As a result, we do not use a standardized pricing model. Each campaign is tailored to the business we are working with based on what they are looking to achieve and how we can get them there. If you’re interested in getting a custom quote that will both produce value and make sense to you in the long-term, please give us a call or fill out our contact form. One of our sales representatives will learn more about your business and provide you with your own custom quote.

4. Do you collaborate with other agencies?

We usually assist other agencies with projects that seem either large or specialized for them to handle on their own. If in case you’re offering digital marketing services and have clients requiring other solutions you’re not specialized in handling, then please do reach out and get in touch with our business development team.

5. In what locations do you render your service and what are your hours of operation?

eDigitalMarketingCompany is based out of the United States of America, and we also have a presence in various other countries as mentioned on our "Contact Us" page. With an aim to render our services to audiences worldwide, we have our physical offices spread across the globe. It's quite common to see that other companies have a set work time allotte3d, but for us, we are always available round the clock to help our clients achieve their desired result. .

6. What competitive edge does EDM offer its clients?

We take immense pride in providing our clients with unparallel services, and that is what makes us stand out in this competitive world. We efficiently communicate our professional offerings and marketing disciplines so as to that, the client has an overview of what they are being offered. We have pioneered strategies to bridge the gap that exists between each service, and this is what will enable our team of experts to work together to provide exceptional results for our clients.


1. How unique are your SEO services when compared to those offered by other agencies?

Our primary task is to pay attention to detail. Right from the point of initiation, our SEO professionals will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business to understand the market you’re competing in and the specific practices your competitors engage in to compete online. We at eDigitalMarketingCompany approach SEO by focusing aspects that reveal the facts and letting those facts dictate every aspect of the campaign.

We carefully choose the keywords that you use in your campaign, view your website structure, and focus on the channels you use for off-page based result analysis. We have a research-oriented approach which ensures that results are consistently achieved. You can expect your SEO campaign to yield you returns in 3-6 months, which is often looked at as a long-term investment. We focus on helping our clients to achieve long-term results, and this is what sets us apart from the competition. Our team works towards establishing your brand as an authority, by encouraging search engines to consistently feature your brand at the top of the results, instead of getting your name ranked higher in the beginning and later losing it.

2. How does EDM categorize its pricing for SEO services?

Campaigns are unique in nature and companies of similar size which operate in the same industry will have vastly different approaches to achieve similar results. We at eDigitalMarketingCompany strive towards personalizing each campaign to meet the unique objectives and challenges our clients face in getting their website ranked in the search results provided by the major search engines. We are determined by the costs associated with each campaign. We ensure that your business is provided with a custom quote. Lastly, the time commitment from EDM will ensure that your brand will witness the results of our hard work and dedication we cater to your SEO campaign.

3. Is EDM SEO services the right fit for me?

We would be the right fit for all those businesses who understand that effective marketing takes time to achieve desired goals. SEO requires long-term commitment and hard efforts to make it work and to make those results productive. There are certain situations where companies opt for short-term strategies to gain quick results, but these results won’t last long. The short-term strategy is a pain in the neck for clients are they won’t continue enough and come with a hefty cost. If you are aiming to propel your organic traffic and to have a permanent increase in your competitive keywords, EDM is right for you.


1. How is EDM's PPC service unique to those offered by other competitors?

When we undertake a pay per click project, we commit ourselves to provide you adequate maintenance and adjustment of the campaign to yield the most value. Our PPC experts disagree on setting up a campaign and letting it do its own thing; we continuously track and monitor how the campaign is performing in both the short-term and the long-term. Each of our campaigns is thoroughly evaluated to get the most value for each keyword, landing page, and ad placement to ensure that we are reaching the right audience with the right approach.

2. What are EDM’s different price structures for providing PPC services?

The projects we take on have different requirements and goals, and hence we don't maintain a standardized pricing structure. Our pricings are transparent without any hidden fees or agenda. To get a customized quote for your PPC campaign, please reach out to us directly. Most importantly, we never pressurize our clients to obligate to anything until you’re ready to start your pay per click campaign.

3. What are the vital benefits of PPC services?

Yes! It’s quite robust to get your site on page one for search results. With our PPC services, your website not only gets complete attention but it is also gets displayed to users who are searching particularly for your product or service. Added to that, we provide eye-catching ads which are more affordable for small businesses and an additional advantage for established businesses if efficiently utilized.


1. How is your social media service unique to those offered by other agencies?

When we take on a social media project for a client, we invest ourselves into their social presence. Each project we take on is an opportunity to put to the test skills our professionals have been developing over years. We take the time to perform research on each brand we represent to understand who they are, what sets them apart from their competition, and who their core audience is. We then identify the best methods of communicating with that audience through social media in order to drive the right type of engagement, leading to the highest possible sales conversions for their campaign

2. Do I really need to hire an expert for social media?

Social media is not just about posting a few updates and garnering a few followers. But it goes well beyond that, and we at eDigitalMarketingCompany implement elements such as getting the right ratio of self-promotional content, including familiar search elements, leveraging different content types for maximum engagement, and also by helping you to be active and responding to customers.

Our effective social media management services include strategies which are carefully crafted and have a well thought out plan of attack.

When we at eDigitalMarketingCompany take on a social media project for a client, we invest ourselves in their social media presence. Each project we take upon is an opportunity to put to the test the skills our professionals have been developing for years. We take quality time to perform research on each brand we represent so that we get a knowledge of who the customers are, what aspects make them stand out from their rivalry, and who their primary audience is. Our experts then come up with the best techniques for communicating with that audience through social media in order to propel the right type of engagement, leading to the highest possible sales conversions for their campaign

3. What makes you different from the other competitors for social media?

The difference can be found in our passion for helping other businesses become successful. eDigitalMarketingCompany’s DNA includes providing our clients exceptional services with our specialized knowledge and experience in social media marketing. We also establish effective communication and involvement than what the other agencies offer. We assist our client in developing strategic partnerships and advice for potential opportunities to grow their brand value. As we know what works best for the business, we prefer using our own services to grow your business.

4. How many clients have you worked with till date?

To date, we at eDigitalMarketingCompany have helped over 250 businesses, big and small, to boost their attention and sales through social media. If your users spend time online, we can connect your business to them. Clients benefit from our services in some ways. The most common and sought-after results include increased visibility, leads, customers and website traffic.


1. Why do businesses and individuals need Online Reputation Management?

Nowadays, reputation and brand management have grown to become a significant aspect of online marketing as search engines and social media start giving more authority to the elements of feedback, ratings, and reviews. eDigitalMarketingCompany considers reputation and brand management to be both a defensive and offensive service. We don’t stop short with just social media, Yelp, and a few other sources. eDigitalMarketingCompany is proactive in consistently expanding its scope as various platforms are becoming more influential.

2. What is the cost of Online Brand Reputation Management?

The investment of ORM Services varies significantly based on several considerations such as; where the negative reputation mentions exist, how reliable is the authority and age of the domain name of where the brand negativity is mentioned or featured. It also takes into consideration, what assets ( websites, blogs or other ) do you have by which to promote positive brand mentions over the real negative brand mentions. ORM Service provided by EDigitalMarketingCompany needs a custom and tailored approach for each client’s unique needs, and therefore the investment is influenced by the efforts required to apply the countermeasures against negative mentions of your brand.

3. Are there any guaranteed results in Online Reputation Management??

Similar to the Search Engine Optimization policy as outlined by Google, no ORM Agency (including us) should be guaranteeing the timeframe, nor the permanency of results achieved in boosting positive mentions of your brand against the negative search results currently featured on Google. The companies that employ such guarantees and timeframes are typically using aggressive sales tactics to win your business.


1. On what platforms can EDM build apps?

That's a great question! Well, most of the apps we develop support iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms. It’s common for people to want their applications to work across web and mobile devices, so we use development frameworks such as React and React native that enable us to support these platforms quickly.

2. Since EDM self-publishes our app, can you tell me why you wouldn’t take advantage of our idea and produce it yourself?

First, of many things, we at EDM don’t do that! We merely neither consider it as professional nor ethical. Our company is pleased to say it is incredibly transparent in its actions and policies, so you should have no worries with regards to this question. For example, it is quite evident that the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are so much in public view that it would be so simple for someone to pick up on this and point a finger. Not nice right? So we just wouldn’t do it!.

3. Can you at EDM deliver my project quicker?

Let's call it a 50-50 chance. Let’s say for example, can nine women combined together deliver a baby in one month? This same analogy can be applied to technological projects too. Sometimes, we may dedicate more developer’s resources to a project, so that it can be completed faster. But in certain situations, we may be restricted by various projects, technology or security requirements. So, to make things both simpler and more comfortable, you can contact us as soon as possible if you have a date requirement so that we can provide our best services to meet your deadline.


1. How long does EDM take to create s website?

The amount of time it takes to create an entirely functional website can be based on several factors. Usually, custom design work can take up to anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks, and again it depends on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions you require. After which the development phase of the website will additionally need 1 to 6 weeks, relying upon the number of pages, and the functionality required. Of course, these are general guidelines, and EDigitalMarketingCompany will make every effort to meet the timeframe you have in mind.

2. Would EDM allow me to see My Website While It's In Progress?

Absolutely! In fact, it's your website, and we at eDigitalMarketingCompany would encourage you to see it. Our experts would build your website on our development server, and provide you with a unique login credentials so that you can log in and monitor the progress of your site from time to time. During this phase, we would love to have your feedback if something isn't quite the way you envisioned it to be or if you've changed your mind on some aspects. Once your site is ready, and after you provide your consent, we make it go live on your server and submit your URL to all the major search engines.

3. Are any additional services included in EDM's Web Design and Development costs?

Well, guess what? We do have additional services! eDigitalMarketingCompany’s web design and development service include configuration of your email accounts, sending you detailed monthly traffic reports and providing you with essential search engine optimization services. Our basic SEO includes submission of your site to the major search engines and setting up your primary meta-tag data (like Page Title, Keywords, and Description). Additionally, your website will be built from the ground up with search engine friendly technologies and methods.


1. What’s EDM's USP as web Development Company?

Providing quality service that is both affordable and cost-effective is eDigitalMarketingCompany’s main USP. We know the value of your money, and hence, we work with full dedication and devotion to turn your venture into a successful one. We at EDigitalMarketingCompany have a pool of experts in various technologies including php, Microsoft (.net), Java, etc. Whether it is a simple, passive website or a complex, eCommerce project, we never let our clients’ compromise with the quality. We put the same efforts and dedication into a static website as we do in a complex project. We provide efficient web development services in various top frameworks including the different open source PHP frameworks.

2. Can we manage our website support independently?

Yes, you can. All of eDigitalMarketingCompany websites employ the best content management systems and can be maintained with rudimentary technical knowledge and skills. However, we strongly recommend that you allow our team of experts to handle technical support issues as this is the only way we can guarantee 100% performance from your site. In our experience, clients often forget to pay for hosting and their domain so their website can be permanently lost.

3. Does EDM provide any kind of support after project completion?

Obviously, YES! When the project is finished and conveyed to you, our team at eDigitalMarketingCompany is still bound to deliver you our services regarding support. We provide support for bug fixing and minor changes that are part of project scope with no additional charges. When the period of free support is over, based on the project’s needs you can always have the choice to go with paid maintenance and support.