Google Penalty Recovery

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Google Penalty Recovery

Have you ever witnessed a sudden drop in your website traffic or rankings? Can you even imagine such a thing happening to your business website? Well, if in any which case you come across such issues, remember that Google has penalized you for violating its Webmaster quality guidelines. It might have occurred with or without consciousness, but once if your website is penalized, it is mainly because of adding Unnatural links to your site, thin content with no added value, duplicate content, cloaking redirects, spam structured markup, hacked site, hidden text, and keyword stuffing. So, now you the reason why your website has been penalized, you should also know the types of penalties that are levied by Google on your website.

Manual Penalty - Manual penalties are levied on those websites which use 'Black Hat SEO' techniques like keyword stuffing, using plagiarism, implying duplicate content, hiding texts, etc. This penalty may affect the entire website or a particular page. To find out which issue is causing a downfall in your web traffic, you can check for notification in Google Webmaster Tools, or you would be notified through a message addressing the issue.

Algorithm Penalty - As there are an ocean of websites that provide information to users, Google continually updates its algorithms to give the users with the best search results. When Google modifies its algorithms, some websites get hit hard and face downtime or even completely disappear from the search results. When your website doesn’t appear in a search result, it only means that it has been algorithmically penalized. The bad news is, Google doesn’t inform you that it has penalized your website; neither can you check it in the Google Webmaster Tools.

It’s not the end of the world if Google penalizes your website. We the experienced lot at eDigital Marketing Company will assist you to regain your site’s ranking and organic traffic. With the availability of our sophisticated tools will diagnose your website content and backlinks and deliver a comprehensive report on why your website was penalized by Google and an action plan for you to follow that will remove your website’s penalty.

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Businesses, to save their websites from being penalized by Google (manual and algorithm), have to be cautious at all times. Yes, it's a daunting task and takes ample amount of time to cross check and keep track of all the necessary changes occurring within Google guidelines and algorithms. Now don’t start breaking your head on how to manage such heavy load of work, we at eDigital Marketing Company will take the pressure off of you. With our sophisticated team, we will take time in being detailed oriented in our approach to discover the cause for your websites poor performance. Our experts have removed Google penalty from various business websites. Rest assured as you are in good hands. We have made ourselves clear, and if you care about your Google ranking, you now know whom to call for help.

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