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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

With constant updates to search algorithms, major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are consistently trying to deliver relevant results that customers are looking for. This is where businesses need the help of an expert SEO service provider. At edigitalmarketing we ensure you are more visible and achieve 1st page ranking on Google and other search engine providers to increase traffic and convert leads through our customized SEO services.

As more and more people look for information through search engines, especially on Google, it makes sense for businesses to achieve search rankings for their website in a strategic manner. With edigitalmarketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, you can achieve the best possible result of ranking on the 1st page of Google and other search engines as per your location. Moreover, our Local SEO Services ensure that you get the right traffic from the location of your business.

Our SEO Services

    Local SEO Services

Over the last few years, Local SEO services have become utterly complicated — and abstract. A quick fact check - a whopping 97% of consumers opt for online mode to find local services, and a overall of 82% of Smartphone users use search engine related searches to find out about local businesses. As a top local company we have immersed in excellent web design and enterprise SEO to understand why local businesses are facing such a difficult time in determining their businesses and assist them to take the best course of action to take for local optimization.

    International SEO Services

Businesses usually falter in developing a solid global and regional SEO strategy and this result in the sudden drop of their search engine site rankings. eDigitalMarketingCompany help you target audiences located around the world, by understanding their thinking, cultural and buying behavior, and finally understanding their business needs and requirements. We help you gain global recognition and garner various audiences’ attention through our unique and sophisticated International SEO services.

    SEO by Industry

Internet is what drives the entire marketing processes as businesses are aiming at succeeding in their respective domains of operations to be the best in their particular industry. In order for you to improve your presence on the website, we at eDigitalMarketingCompany assist you with the best in the industry strategies and services to help you scale the competition ladder to establish a robust web presence.

    Google Penalty Services

Google penalizes websites and it can be harsh and difficult for businesses to recover from such impacts. Penalizing can be due to multiple reason and we at eDigitalMarketingCompany are always here with the latest and updated algorithms to ensure that your website is constantly ahead and penalize-free for your future endeavors. Search engine rankings and website traffics can be drastically affected when Google penalizes you without proper intimation. So, leave the heavy-lifting to us so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Our SEO Pricing

    Pay Per Rank SEO Pricing

SEO is not a gamble, but a technique, and Performance-based SEO is making the most of it for brand interest. Our eDigitalMarketingCompany's Pay-for-Performance SEO is a unique service which allows our customers see the results even before they pay. Our performance based SEO services rely on the phenomenon that only when we attain your desired rankings that are developed through your top keywords, will we ask you to pay us for our brilliant service.

    SMO Packages

Building a brands success is purely based on the effective tools that you use in social media. eDigitalMarketingCompany's social media marketing packages have the complete features that you need to excel your brand popularity. With us you are allowed to find the right social media marketing packages that suit you! We have designed social media packages that helped clients worldwide to create an online buzz for their businesses by reaching out to their audience with a dynamic social media strategy. Select the right Social Media (SMO) packages from the list given below which will suit your business objective!

    Local SEO Packages

eDigitalMarketingCompany is the best local SEO company to trust if you’re looking to enhance your local search engine presence. We have a list of proven results and proficiency in optimizing your website to help your business achieve top rankings in Google. Our Local SEO Packages & Pricing are efficiently designed to improve local search rankings and increase traffic and sales. Have a look at our Local SEO packages, Pricing and plans that are customized according to your requirements.

    PPC Packages

eDigitalMarketingCompany is a leader pay per click agency known for its enthusiastic professionals and extensive industry knowledge. Way too often the PPC process is carried is the wrong fashion. There exists a misconception stating that the PPC packages are a waste of your time and resources, to which we completely disagree – but researches and surveys prove that they can yield exponential gains, specifically in pure profitability through channels like Google Ad words and Facebook Ads. We have listed the PPC services we cater below. So, go ahead and choose any one PPC services packages.

    Design Development Packages

We at eDigitalMarketingCompany have customized Web design and Development Packages to provide our clients with an extraordinary service to assist their requirements. Websites are not only about keywords and pretty images or designs. Its mainly about online presence and existence online, which is the core foundation for the businesses future. If you’re planning on having a strong online presence, then you need a competitive website – one built by professionals and dedicated service providers like us, who are passionate about what we do, and offer you comprehensive web design packages with an overall edge by leaving nothing out.

    Content Writing Packages

We at eDigitalMarketingCompany offer you the best packages at the most affordable prices for our content writing services. Our highly proficient teams of writers create genuine, comprehensive content that's relevant to your business and that will propel you to the top of the major search engines. Our expert web copywriters draft your web and technical content, meaning we only create the most accurate and well optimized content that suit your website. Here's a look at our reasonable cost and affordable Content Writing Packages and select the package that best suits your online budget.

    Content Marketing Packages

If at all there is a most effective way to generate leads in the current market, it’s only through content marketing. eDigitalMarketingCompany can help you execute the perfect content marketing strategy which can keep you in the competition. Our pricings are tailored made and 100% transparent. The reason we keep it transparent is because we want you to know where your money is going. Scroll down and get to know the exact quote by filling out the form.

Why to outsource your SEO Services to EDM?

eDigitalMarketingCompany has over 15 years of expertise in providing unrivalled SEO services for clients globally. We equip your website with key ingredients to be found by search engines in an easier way by providing end-to-end SEO solutions for your business. We offer robust SEO services that ensure your business gets the maximum traffic and relevant leads that have the high probability of converting into new customers and achieve a greater ROI for your marketing spend.

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