Pay Per Rank (Performance Based ) SEO

When every penny is accounted for, every 'Click' also must be taken into consideration!

Pay-Per-Rank-SEO Services

Today, it is everything about getting your website on the first few pages of search engines to take your business to unchartered territories and achieve exponential growth. And in this regard, Pay-per-Rank SEO services has been a boon for many businesses across the globe.

When you feel traditional SEO services are not yielding the results that you require, then Pay-per-Rank SEO is the best solution where you pay only when your keywords start to rank. This is one such model where you see the results first before you pay. Moreover, eDigitalMarketingCompany will not charge you for man hours and other activities.

eDigitalMarketingCompany specializes in this unique Pay-per-Rank SEO service with 15 years of experience in this domain. We’ve served more than 200+ clients with this unique model and have reaped rich dividends over the years.

How Pay-per-Rank SEO Service Works

  • As a business entity you need provide details of your website by answering a small questionnaire
  • Upon submitting the details, we conduct a detailed review of your website and see how Pay-per-Rank SEO services work for you
  • eDigitalMarketingCompany then sends you the proposal with all the pricing details
  • A monthly price ceiling will be kept which includes the costs by ensuring your keywords rank in 1st and 2nd pages of the search engines
  • You will be a paying a 1 month advance cost to showcase your commitment. This cost will be adjusted for your upcoming bill for that month.
  • Only when we reach anywhere 25% to 50% of the monthly price ceiling, we will bill you.
  • There are no hidden extra costs or false promises, only result-oriented service that meets your requirement

edigitalmarketing Pay-per-Rank Pricing Model

Each website is unique and to which industry it belongs to is unique as well. Hence, the prices will vary depending on difficulty levels and achieve the ranks for the same. Please find below the table where we have clearly explained about our price range for you to understand easily. Get in touch with us by filling out the questionnaire immediately to get an estimate for your website.

Monthly Cost Keyword Rank Price Range
Cost of 1 Keyword Within top 10 in Google USD 20 – USD 50
Cost of 1 Keyword Within top 10 in Yahoo and Bing USD 10 – USD 35
Cost of 1 Keyword Within 10 - 20 50% of first page Cost

NOTE: Maximum monthly price ceiling can range anywhere between USD 500 – USD 1500 for 10-20 keywords.

A simple calculation example for above mentioned particulars

Details of Project X

  • Keywords targeted – 20
  • Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Monthly Cost for 1 Keyword in Google top 10 results is USD 20
  • Monthly Cost for 1 keyword in either Yahoo or Bing top 10 results is USD 10
  • Price Ceiling – USD 600

Results Achieved over a period of 1 month

10 Keywords were within top 10 and 5 keywords between 10 and 20 in Google search engine

10 Keywords were within top 10 and 5 keywords between 10 and 20 in Yahoo search engine

10 Keywords were within top 10 and 5 keywords between 10 and 20 in Bing search engine

Total cost of this Pay-per-Rank SEO campaign for Project X

Google – 10 (keywords within top 10) X $20 + 5 (keywords between 10 & 20) X $10 = $250

Yahoo – 10 (keywords within top 10) X $10 + 5 (keywords between 10 & 20) X $5 = $125

Bing – 10 (keywords within top 10) X $10 + 5 (keywords between 10 & 20) X $5 = $125

Total = $250 + $125 + $125 = $500

Your Pay-per-Rank SEO Service Bill – $500 (Within Maximum Monthly Ceiling of $600)

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